Todd Nelson

on Thursday, 18 October 2012. Posted in Member Spotlight

By the way, Todd wrote this before doing one of our benchmark workouts named Cindy.  During that workout, he completed 60 pullups, which shows you that at any age, the proper coaching, nutrition habits, and DEDICATION can allow you to reach whatever goals you have in mind! - Chris

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining Crossfit 870?  

I would have to say my biggest accomplishment since starting Crossfit 870 would be pull-ups.  I could not do any when I started.  I have worked through the progression and did eight in a row this past week.  I am working on linking together kipping pull-ups, and hope to see that number grow.

What has been your biggest fear with working out?  

Because of the intensity of the workouts and the dynamic movements we do, my biggest fear was injury.  This fear was smashed when, at the beginning of every workout, the trainers demonstrated each lift and movement, to show us how to do them without getting hurt.

Have you met the goals that you have set?

No, I didn’t set any weight loss goals, I set performance goals.  I set my goals high:  21 pull-ups in a row, doing a muscle up, completing Fran RX in under 10 minutes.  I have, however, knocked down a lot of the barriers that stand in the way of me achieving them.  I can do pull-ups now, I can do ring dips, and I am getting stronger, faster and feel better every day.  Thanks to Chris, Jeremy, Doug, Carl and my fellow Crossfitters, I’ll be setting new goals soon.

How has the group environment been for you?  

It is really a win, win mentality.  Even though we keep score and see where we are in relationship to each other on our fitness journey, everyone cheers for each other to do their best.  I want to beat your score, but I want to do it when you set a new PR.

What have you liked and not liked about your experience here?  

I love not knowing what is in store for us until a few hours before the workout, and the harder the workout , and the more burpees (yeah burpees) that are on the blog, the more amped I get.  I would like to see more interaction with other boxes in our area in both the form of competition as well as possibly cross training.

What motivates you?  

I guess this goes back to my roots in high school football and Army basic training, but I like being pushed by the trainers.  Get in my face, call me names, tell me I can’t and I will.  I get all I need from any and all the trainers here.   

What lead you to crossfit and why do you keep coming back?  The intensity at Crossfit 870 is what sucked me in.  Every WOD is a new challenge and every rep makes you better.  I keep coming back because 1. It never gets old, and 2. The results.  I have learned that inside me, the is still an athlete.  I have also seen the other Crossfitters change.  It is exciting to see.           

How has this translated into everyday life and into work for you?  

At 42 and nearly 300 lbs, I couldn’t run 100 yards without being completely out of breath.  Something had to change.  Crossfit 870 has been the catalyst for that change.  In my career in law enforcement, things can go from completely normal to complete chaos in the blink of an eye.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can keep up.