Member Spotlight - Natalie Gregory

on Sunday, 31 May 2015. Posted in Member Spotlight

May 2015


 ·         Tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have a family? Where are you from, where do you work? Aside from CF, what do you enjoy doing?

First of all, I’m so humbled and honored to be nominated for the member spotlight this month! I love my 870 community and feel so blessed to have each of you in my life! I’m from Jonesboro, but went to college at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I had no intentions of moving back home and wanted to move somewhere new. However, God had other plans when I got a job as a first grade teacher at International Studies Magnet for Jonesboro. I love my job and definitely feel called to teach! In my spare time I enjoy traveling, shopping, binge watching Netflix shows J and spending time with friends. I also enjoy going to Zumba and yoga classes on off days from crossfit.

·         When did you start at crossfit870? What made you start?

I started in July of 2011 when I moved back to town because some friends invited me. I took a month off in August because I started my first teaching job, however I came back in September and pretty much was addicted from that point on.

·         What did you used to do for fitness/sport before crossfit?

I started dancing at the age of 3 and began ballet in the third grade. From third grade to twelfth grade, I lived at the ballet studio most days after school. I never considered myself an athlete because I lack the hand-eye coordination to play sports…like seriously don’t throw me a lacrosse ball from across the gym because I WILL NOT catch it. Ha! In college, I did zumba classes and went to the gym 3-4 days a week (on a good week) with my friends. We did basic weight training and classes, but nothing too serious.

·         What’s your favorite crossfit move/lift/WOD? What’s your least favorite?

I enjoy anything with squatting: front, back, overhead, thrusters. On a good day, I enjoy double unders, and I’m starting to really like pull ups. Favorite WODs: Fran and Jackie. My least favorite lift is split jerk, and I have a HATE relationship with wall balls and GHD sit-ups.

·         What is your favorite memory of crossfit?

Competing in competitions and in the Open have made for some pretty great memories. I never thought I would compete until I did Rampage on the Ridge last year. It was a blast. I’m pretty competitive, but I have never been involved in team sports. Being a part of a team where I could contribute and feel confident in my ability was incredible. While competing and doing the Open, I have achieved PRs and reached goals that I don't think would have been possible without the adrenaline and support from fellow 870 teammates. Also, getting my first strict pull-up in March on the same Sunday afternoon that Hailey got her first muscle up and Kristen got her first pull-up definitely made for a memorable day. I love reaching my goals and seeing friends achieve theirs!

·         What would you say to someone who is just starting crossfit?

Set goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to take some risks. Find a class that works with your schedule and stick with it. You will build relationships, find lifting buddies, and learn how to push each other to be the best you can be. Also, don't neglect the nutrition aspect of being a Crossfit athlete. Fuel your body well and you will see gains in the gym if you put in the work.

·         What do you like most about Crossfit870?

I look forward to going to the gym everyday to workout with my 4:30/5:30 people. The community aspect is one of the things that keeps me coming in each day. My gym friends bring out my competitive side and push me to work my hardest. Also, I really like that I have been able to see myself gradually gain strength and meet goals over the years. The workouts never get redundant or monotonous. There is always something new to work towards. Since starting crossfit in 2011, I have run four half marathons, which is something that I had never even considered before. I have gained so much confidence in myself as an athlete and attribute that confidence to my fellow crossfitters and encouraging coaches.

 ·         What kind of Animal would you call yourself in the gym? (Our favorite question!)


A lion…I like to channel my inner Katy Perry.  “You’re gonna hear me roar” in the gym. I like to sing and dance and most days I’m not good at holding it in. J