George Smith

on Thursday, 18 October 2012. Posted in Member Spotlight

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining Crossfit 870?  

I have been able to build strength, endurance and lose weight. But the thing I think is one the biggest accomplishments so far is to run a 5K race for only my second time in my life and get first place in my age group. What is probably more amazing is I never trained for a 5K race, I only do Crossfit. After going to the doctor on several occasions before Crossfit, they were wanting to put me on high blood pressure medicine; now I have perfect readings on everything pertaining to my health. Within the past year I have had every test possible ran by the doctor and he said, “you are the most healthiest person I’ve seen in a year”.      

What has been your biggest fear with working out?  

My biggest fear is thinking some of the young 20 year old kids are going to beat my times for the WOD’s. A little more serious; my fear is getting hurt, but I’ve learned that by stretching, keeping the right posture, and by listening to the instructors have alleviated that fear.

Have you met the goals that you have set?

 I have accomplished several things I never considered for goals.  1. I can dead lift 415# and looking at breaking that record.  2.  I can bench press more than my body weight; never saw that coming.  3. I had a goal to run 6 ½ miles none stop, I ran 8 and could have ran even more.  4. I’ve signed up for my first half marathon, my goal is to run it none stop or no walking.  5. I’m still working on the ab show, but getting closer every workout.

How has the group environment been for you?

Being in a group environment challenges me to give more effort and perform at a higher level than I would ever imagine doing on my own. Everyone is very motivating and encourages everyone to excel and push yourself to do more harder and faster on every workout.

What have you liked and not liked about your experience here?

I like the workout structure that involves working every aspect of every muscle of your body.

What motivates you?  

My motivation lies within the way I feel everyday about myself. I look back at my past and see how bad my health was getting due to lack of exercise and discipline with my eating habits. But knowing I’m going to have good health and my family can count on me brings me happiness. Plus I meet a lot of people with the same focus for their life.

What lead you to crossfit and why do you keep coming back?

Going to the gym and just doing your own thing is not as motivating and requires a lot of discipline, but even if you’re able to do that you just can’t push yourself to the same level as Crossfit does. Doing a Crossfit exercise is like being on drugs (I’m guessing because I’ve never been on drugs). I get excited every day when I look at the Crossfit 870 web site and see the WOD for the day. I can’t go a day without trying to get more of my coworkers and friends to start Crossfit because I know the change it makes to your personal life and health. In simple words; It’s FUN!

How has this translated into everyday life and into work for you?

It’s addictive and gives me opportunities to talk with other people about things they can do personally for themselves. I think all the time, I’m the only one who can change my life.