Cindy Williams

on Thursday, 18 October 2012. Posted in Member Spotlight

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining Crossfit 870?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be running two half marathons. Crossfit has helped me gain the strength and endurance to be able to run 13.1 miles. It has also helped me to realize that with hard work and dedication, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

What has been your biggest fear with working out?

I had a fear of not being able to do the workouts and people would laugh at me because I had to modify everything.

Have you met the goals that you have set?

I have met most of my goals that I have set. I have lost sixty- five pounds so far but I still feel that I have at least twenty more to lose. I have finally run a half marathon, which I have wanted to do for many years. I can also tell that I am gradually getting stronger and I will continue to work until I can do prescription on nearly all workouts. I have also gained confidence in everything from the gym to my job and in daily life. I am a much happier and stronger person now than I was one year ago. I will continue to set goals for myself and I will work until I achieve them.

How has the group environment been for you?

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like working out in a group because there were so many people that were more fit than me and could do things that I could not. Everyone from the trainers to the other crossfitters have been great! They have all been supportive and have given me a push when I need it. The trainers have given me the push to challenge myself by adding more weight or trying the harder version of a workout. The whole experience has been awesome and very rewarding!

What have you liked and not liked about your experience here?

I have really enjoyed working with all of the trainers and the people that I work out with on a daily basis. The schedule works well with my work schedule so I get to work out more often. 

There isn’t much I haven’t liked about crossfit. There are certain workouts that I don’t care for, such as burpees, but its all part of crossfit and getting stronger and better!

What motivates you?

Seeing how far I have come from one year ago is the main thing that keeps me motivated. Repeating a past workout and being able to complete it in a faster time or lift heavier weight is also highly motivating to keep working hard and coming back. Working out just feels great too!

What lead you to crossfit and why do you keep coming back?

I wanted to try something a little different that would complement my current workouts that I was doing. It has made running, body combat, and body attack easier. I run faster and farther and all of the lunges, pushups, and squats I do in the combat and attack classes become a little easier to accomplish.

I also really love to challenge myself and CrossFit lets me do just that!