Bill Carwell

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Member Spotlight March 2015

Bill Carwell

Member Spotlight – March – Bill Carwell

 -Tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have a family? Where are you from, where do you work? Aside from CF, what do you enjoy doing? I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I live in Harrisburg, Ar. I am involved in the family farm. I enjoy tennis, snow skiing, hunting and fishing.

 -When did you start at crossfit870? What made you start? July 2011.  My daughter said Dad have you ever heard of crossfit I think you might like it and the rest is history.

 -What did you used to do for fitness/sport before crossfit? tennis, snow skiing, P90X, insanity.

 -What’s your favorite crossfit move/lift/WOD? What’s your least favorite? Favorite is deadlifts, least favorite is Turkish get ups.

 -What is your favorite memory of crossfit? Watching Christy Jeffery compete in the open games.

 -What would you say to someone who is just starting crossfit? Get started asap and apply yourself.

 -What do you like most about Crossfit870? Variation in workouts, combination of strength building, stretching, and cardio and the friendships made.

 -What kind of Animal would you call yourself in the gym? moderate. Ha !!

A note from Chris Rich on Bill Carwell.
  Grandfather.  Entrepreneur. CrossFitter.  68.

    Bill has been a regular member of CrossFit 870 for nearly the last 4 years.   Throughout the past 4 years, we’ve seen him participate in the open by entering his score 2 of the 4 years he’s been training @ 870, even before the scaled division hit in 2015!  Bill loves a good challenge and that’s shown with how he’s dealt with his biggest battle to date, prostate cancer.  

   Early on in his diagnosis we had numerous conversations about what I thought and what he wanted to do, how each doctors visit had gone, and what the next step was going to be.  From the beginning, I knew Bill was going to take a path that wasn’t typically travelled with the treatment of his cancer.   Travelling across the country, meeting with doctors that dealt specifically in the kind of cancer he had, the path he opted to take is definitely atypical, but one that takes the entire person into account, not just the disease.  Plus, it allowed him to travel down to Florida for at least a month at a time and enjoy some good weather!

    During the process of going through his treatments at the facility in Florida, he continued to CrossFit at CrossFit Tampa, a facility similar to ours in that they do have differing levels of workouts per class, so he felt right at home.  I would receive numerous texts and emails about his workouts while he was in and out of the doctor’s office in between his multiple treatments per day.  He did share that he wasn’t the oldest CrossFitter at that facility and was proud to be able to do what he does at his age!

    Being a grandfather (father of 3, grandfather of 8) and businessman, both of which he holds as a couple of his highest values, brings great joy to his life as it currently sits.  Working on his health by staying ahead of his cancer, eating well, and training @ 870, allow him to fulfill those values by having a very high quality of life.  Some traditional treatments for his type of cancer were pretty invasive, involving radiation and chemo.  He chose his path and believed in it, worked at it, listened to advice, and applied that advice!

     Being a young at heart 68 year old, Bill truly gives all of our coach’s great hope for our own futures.  We admire Bill and aspire to be training like him when we all reach his age.  He goes snow skiing 2-3 times a year, has played competitive tennis, been into different training programs in the past, but he’s always working in the moment for himself to become slightly better than he was/is.  He’s passionate about his health, family, and his business and shares it with others in his unique way.  This is where CrossFit 870’s values sit and Bill is the essence of this.