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Cindy Frans

on Thursday, 15 January 2015. Posted in Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

 * My before picture was taken at the end of September while on vacation in Las Vegas. When I saw this picture of myself, I cried and then decided it was time to stop making excuses and get my butt in gear! I started eating clean and hitting the gym more regularly. The after picture was taken this past weekend. I am living proof that your diet makes all the difference. You can't out WOD a crappy diet! I truly wouldn’t have made the progress in the gym that I have made if it weren’t for James. He is honestly my biggest fan and loudest cheerleader! He holds me accountable. He also is the cook in our house, so he eats clean with me. I don’t know how anyone could do this alone. We are truly a team! 




-Tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have a family? Where are you from, where do you work? Aside from CF, what do you enjoy doing?


*I have been married to James Frans for 9 years, and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Harper Camille, who is regularly spotted running around the gym like she owns the place! I grew up in Corning and attended college at ASU where I met James. We were both chemistry majors with an emphasis on pre-pharmacy. After graduating from pharmacy school at UAMS, I took a job as a pharmacist at Wal-Mart Pharmacy in Trumann and have worked there ever since.  Besides CrossFit, shopping is my cardio! I love to shop and having a daughter to shop for has only worsened my habit!


-When did you start at crossfit 870? What made you start?


*I have been CrossFitting for  3 years. James and I originally started out personal training with Jeremy Konvalinka (a former CrossFit 870 coach), and I remember his talking about the new Strength and Conditioning Center that was about to open up and there was going to be this new program called CrossFit. He was excited about it and was trying to explain the concept to us. James actually started CrossFit a couple of months before me because I was training for a half-marathon, and I convinced myself that I didn’t need to do both. James’s persistence finally got me in the gym, and I’ve been hooked ever since!


-What did you used to do for fitness/sport before crossfit?


*personal trained and jogged but nothing consistent or completely organized 


-What’s your favorite crossfit move/lift/WOD? What’s your least favorite?


*favorites: lift--power cleans There’s just something about them that makes me feel strong and empowered! It’s a very technical lift that not everyone can execute! I also like rowing. It turns out that I’m actually pretty good at it, and I would never have known if it hadn’t been for CrossFit!

*least favorite lift--snatches--they’re just scary and awkward to me!

least favorite exercise--wallballs!


-What is your favorite memory of crossfit?


*getting my first strict pull-up! I actually was in street clothes and was just messing around in the gym while James was finishing up his WOD. I just walked over to the rig and thought I’d give it a try and got it! I screamed with excitement, and made James video me doing another one! FINALLY!!!!!


-What would you say to someone who is just starting crossfit?


*Get out of  your own head! Sometimes it’s so easy to look around and see other people lifting heavy weight or making really technical movements look ridiculously easy and get frustrated because you can’t do those things. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere! Also, I would tell them to listen and buy in to what all of the coaches are saying. The programming works. We have very highly educated people teaching us!


-What do you like most about Crossfit 870?


*Everyone truly is encouraging. These people are the first ones to compliment you on your progress, and the first ones to pick you up when you get discouraged. 


 Words from Coach Nick - 

“It's really quite simple. Cindy approached me with a direction that she desired her life to take. Not 1 or 2 goals that would make her feel better in the gym among the other members but a life changing aim to better, stronger, faster, healthier, and leaner than she had been before. While the task of assuming such a course is simple in nature it is by no means easy to undertake. When I conveyed this to her there was not any hesitation. She said that she was ready to do everything that was necessary. I told her that she would need to work harder than before in EVERY aspect. Training intensity, nutrition, recovery, and training intelligence. Understanding what each training session was meant to develop and to approach it with the intent of eliciting those responses with everything you got. She did this with no hesitation. She needed to make different nutrition choices and she did. She needed to get better quality sleep and she did. She needed to train harder and she did. She also needed to train smarter and she did. What she did was simple: Cindy set a course to take her life in the direction that would make her happier. She then took the advice from her coaches and applied them daily to EVERY part of her life that needed different decisions. Cindy did not let anything stand in her way. If there was an obstacle she worked around it. If the session did not go her way, she accepted it, remembered that moment, learned from it and came back to fight another day better than the previous. This was a simple challenge, but not an easy one to undertake. However, she did so with enthusiasm and dedication and has begun her journey of a life long experience of healthy and happier living...This attitude and achievement is something the ALL of us can learn from. It is certainly something to be admired.” – Coach Nick